Referring Physicians

RBA values our referring physicians by working to provide timely and accurate diagnosis for your patients. You can always come to the department or contact us at the facilities for a consultation regarding a patients imaging if it would be beneficial to the care you provide.

2018 ICD-10-CM/PCS Medical Coding Reference

When submitting orders please provide the following to ensure accuracy:

  • Laterality (include left, right or bi-lateral)
  • The cause of the condition
  • Severity (acute, chronic, traumatic, non-traumatic)
  • Signs and Symptoms (mild, moderate, profound, severe)

An example would be:

If a patient has pain as the symptom be specific as to the location and type of pain:

  • Abdomen Pain
    • Generalized
      • Mild, moderate, severe
    • Localized
      • RUQ
      • Epigastric
      • Periumbilical
  • Upper Limb Pain
    • Upper arm
    • Forearm
    • Hand
    • Fingers
      • Right or Left
        • Mild, moderate, sever

All injuries must include whether the injury is:

  • Initial encounter (current broken bone)
  • Subsequent encounter (follow-up to check healing process)
  • Sequela (old injury)